Sign up for Direct Payment

Signing up for our Direct Payment option will actually save your property money and help our company be more environmentally friendly. Take the hassle out of paying your condominium fees or rent and enjoy the convenience of regularly scheduled automatic payments made directly from a bank account of your choosing!

We will automatically transfer your condominium fee OR rental payment from your checking account directly to your property’s operating account. We encourage our clients to participate as it saves money, paper, and time! Residents can sign up by completing and submitting the form below through our secure website. The recurring transfers will occur between the 4th-7th every month, and we only withdraw the set monthly recurring condo fee or rent amount, never anything else.


  • Owners who need to update their banking information with us can also complete this form to submit their new information. Please fill out and submit the following form. There is also a printable PDF that can be mailed, emailed, or faxed to our office.
  • Attention Renters:Please note we can only deduct from one bank account; multiple accounts cannot be used for the same Unit. Only the full monthly fee will be withdrawn.
  • To remove your Unit from the Direct Payment program, please submit your request in writing to
Unit Information
Financial Institution

Sample check provided below for reference.


I authorize the electronic debit to my account as outlined in the above Direct Payment form. I understand and agree that the electronic debits will continue until I revoke this authorization. This authorization is also applicable to any new account information, payment amounts, increase in budgets, and/or payment dates provided by me at some future time for the purpose of completing my Direct Payment. CHANGE OF INFORMATION: I agree to notify Premier Property Solutions, LLC in writing no less than 15 days prior to any change to the account. RETURNS: I authorize a $50.00 return fee to be debited from my account if an ACH Payment is returned unless the returned item was the result of an error by Premier Property Solutions, LLC.